Quotation from:

A Treasured Garden        by LMM

Warm light of winter sun
takes us back
to an Indian summer,
sipping that joyful season’s wine
in our enclosure of brief happiness.

Well                  by LMM

Crowns of ferns
teeter on the edge
of a green echo.
Words drip and sing.

I am an artist and poet whose journey has led me in many directions but I always come home to Scotland; to the comfort of mountains and shore. It is in this land I am driven to describe the world around me and communicate my inspirations to other people.

I explore the use of various media to express my interests. Themes overlap in ceramic sculpture, poetry, artist books, etching, watercolours and photography.

I have been influenced by writers and thinkers and my imagery has inspired other poets. I enjoy the sharing of preoccupations and resulting collaborative work.

Art is a spiritual necessity.


LesleyMay Miller