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Poems by LesleyMay Miller  

blue lochan four swans
polished glass reflects Suilven
eagle trumps lapwing


The following poems appear in her Artist Books



The empty drawing room 
begins to fill with sun
as each bead is linked
chosen for each friend.
My inlaid box is brim-full
with glass of many colours;
as blue as a clear winter sky
as pale green as a spring tree
as opaque as an opal
as nut-brown as a hazel
as dark green as a summer tree
as translucent as an icicle
as brown as a deep loch
as bright as eyes full of welcome.
A string of unique beads
held together by a bond
of fellowship.
Juicy oranges
he longed to peel and eat but
his name was Midas.
A hot summer night
in a garden of delight
cool cucumber slices.
Trees dripping cherry red
open your mouth
catch a sweet drop
of deep glossy colour.


You cradle me
soaring in dreams
your gentle touch
flutters me awake
to sound 
of birdwing
this still morning.


There’s a barely pink horizon today
the waves smooth out nearing the shore
into a shimmering pool
an invitation to sail;
perhaps at last we can
drift together
a simple comfort which eluded us long ago.

LesleyMay is a member of the ‘Words on Canvas’ writing group. The group was set up by Linda McClelland, Playfair Education Co-ordinator at the National Gallery. They meet to look at artworks with input from professional artists.They later meet to discuss the resulting poetry or prose, led by established writers. There was an exhibition of their work and a booklet pulished in 2009.



The painter loved
opulent fabrics,
silks, satins,
the texture of oriental carpets
and deep, dark fur.
He shows us
the colour of lapis lazuli
in a salt-glaze jug the silver cover still shines.
He left us thoughts
of an ancient myth.

LesleyMay Miller


LesleyMay Miller